Types of Hydrotherapy

We offer 3 different types of hydrotherapy: swimming, underwater treadmill and in pool assisted hydrotherapy.



Combines joint range of motion, gentle muscle endurance and strengthening, thus improving circulation and cardiovascular conditioning without weight bearing.

We often use swimming as part of the rehabilitation program for our spinal injured patients, to help improve awareness of limbs and assist in return of neuromuscular function.


Underwater treadmill therapy

Underwater treadmill therapy includes:

  • Earlier commencement of rehabilitation
  • Accelerated strengthening and growth of muscle
  • Improved weight bearing
  • Re-education of normal gait
  • Shorter rehabilitation time and faster return to function
  • Improved fitness while exercise is restricted

A physiotherapy assessment is required for all pets before they can start underwater treadmill therapy. Dogs recovering from orthopaedic or soft tissue injury or surgery, or those with chronic conditions will often start with underwater treadmill in the acute stages of rehabilitation when we want to accelerate strengthening, and in the later stages of rehabilitation as they are improving, move onto swimming.


In pool assisted hydrotherapy

Usually required for the severely affected spinal patients, who are non ambulant on land, are unable to walk in the underwater treadmill, and aren’t safe enough to swim unassisted.
Therapists go into the pool with your dog and support their body and head with a view to re-educating limb movements. Pets will progress to underwater treadmill and independent swimming as they improve their movements.